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Abacus.AI does research and offers cloud AI services to help companies of all sizes easily and effortlessly embed cutting-edge deep learning models into their business processes or customer experiences. Customers pick a use-case and point to their data. Our AI engine then creates a state-of-the-art deep learning system using the customer’s dataset, that can be used to generate predictions.

Behind the scenes, our AI engine packages our research on generative models and neural architecture search to deal with noisy or incomplete data, then finds the best neural network that models the customer’s specific dataset and use-case. In addition, the engine handles setting up data pipelines, scheduled retraining of models from new data, provisioning high availability online model serving from raw data using a feature store service, and providing explanations for the model’s predictions.

Our vision is to truly democratize AI by making state-of-the-art AI techniques available to organizations of all sizes. In order to achieve this, we need to make systems that can automatically create robust AI models. We also need techniques that work in cases where there is noisy, incomplete or little training data. We are actively pursuing a number of research areas and will continue to package our inventions into our cloud AI service to make this vision a reality.

Headquartered in San Francisco, we are funded by Mike Volpi from Index Ventures, Eric Schmidt (ex-CEO and Chairman of Google), Ram Shriram (board member of Google), Khosla Ventures, and others. Our founding team of AI scientists and ML engineers have degrees (many of them Ph.Ds) from premier universities such as Stanford, MIT, CMU, UC Berkeley, Dartmouth, and IIT and have shipped high profile products at Google, Amazon Web Services, and Uber.




Bindu Reddy


Bindu Reddy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Abacus.AI. Before starting Abacus.AI, she was the General Manager for AI Verticals at AWS, AI. Her organization created and launched Amazon Personalize and Amazon Forecast, the first of their kind AI services that enable organizations to create custom deep-learning models easily. Prior to that, she was the CEO and co-founder of Post Intelligence, a deep-learning company that created services for social media influencers that was acquired by Uber. Bindu was previously at Google, where she was the Head of Product for Google Apps, including Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Sites and Blogger. Bindu has a Masters Degree from Dartmouth and B.Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Arvind Sundararajan


Arvind Sundararajan is the CTO and Co-Founder of Abacus.AI. Before starting Abacus.AI, he was a senior technical lead at Uber’s autonomous vehicles division where he led the Autonomy Systems team, responsible for wide ranging software initiatives across the autonomy stack spanning onboard software, ML, and infrastructure. Previously, he was the CTO and co-founder of Post Intelligence. Before Post Intelligence, he was at Google, where he was the technical lead for AdSense’s machine learning and serving system, and the technical lead for GMail's backend system (part of the initial launch team). Arvind was the recipient of two founders awards at Google and has a M.S. (CS) degree from Stanford and a B.Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Siddartha Naidu

VP, Machine Learning and Research

Siddartha Naidu is the VP, Machine Learning and Research and Co-Founder at Abacus.AI. Prior to Abacus.AI, he was a Principal Engineer in Amazon's supply chain organization working on problems in outbound fulfillment involving machine learning and combinatoric optimization. Siddhartha spent almost a decade at Google, where he started his career. During his time at Google, he worked on a number of large-scale machine learning projects from Search ads targeting to newspaper digitization. Siddartha is the co-founder of Google BigQuery, a GCP service that he launched at Google I/O 2010 and co-authored a book on it. He has a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon.


Mike Volpi
Partner, Index Ventures
Board Member, Abacus.AI
Ram Shriram
Partner, Sherpalo Ventures and Board Member, Google
Board Member, Abacus.AI
Eric Schmidt
ex-CEO and Chairman, Google
Yanda Elrich
General Partner, Coatue
Khosla Ventures
Paul Buchheit
Jerry Yang
Decibel Ventures
Avichal Garg
Chet Kapoor
Deepchand Nishar
Don Burnette
Elad Gil
Erica Schultz
Jeannette zu Fürstenberg
Keval Desai
Mariam Naficy
Neha Narkhede
Prasanna Srikhanta
Xuezhao Lan
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