Abacus.AI LLM + ML Ops

Use Abacus.AI’s state of the art AI platform to run your own models at enterprise scale

Organizations can use one or more of these modules to accelerate in-house developed models to production, host them, operationalize them by automating the flow of data and monitor them continuously

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Custom Fine-Tunes

  • Automated fine-tuning based on use-case
  • Synthetic data generation
  • Exceeds GPT-4o performance
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Vector Store

  • Scales to billions of embeddings
  • Enterprise scale update speeds and millisecond latencies
  • Applied to language, image and recommender models
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Model Hosting and Data Pipelines

  • Model hosting and auto-scaling of machine and deep learning models
  • Periodic data refresh, model retraining and deployment
  • Versioning, RBAC and Audit logs for compliance and governance
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Drift, Observability and Explainability

  • Model monitoring and auto-scaling
  • Real-time predictions dashboard
  • Automated data pipelines and data wrangling
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Real-Time ML Feature Store

  • Connect to Data Sources and set up pipelines
  • Enable real-time machine learning
  • Create ML features to share across organizaiton
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Human-AI Champion-Challenger

  • Notebook hosting for easy model iteration and development
  • Register custom algorithms for specific problem types including time-series, vision, and NLP
  • Use human intelligence and compete with models built by our AI techniques
  • Evaluate on standard metrics
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