Predictive Modeling
Use historical data to predict future occurrences. Train state-of-the-art predictive models customized specifically according to your data and deploy it in production in hours, not months!
Train deep learning models in just a few hours
Best-in-class accuracy making the best use of your data
Completely autonomous - no infrastructure/data hassles
You can create a deep learning model for your specific needs simply by pointing us to your data and specifying the inputs/outputs. Our expert AI engine will do the data cleaning and processing, algorithm selection (classification or regression), and model creation. You will be ready to generate intelligent predictions from the deployed model in production in just a few hours.
Free Expert Consultation
For enterprises

  • Create Your Own Model 
  • Detailed Metrics 
  • Simple REST API 
State-of-the-art Predictive Model in Minutes
Simply specify what you want to predict and upload the data you currently have. Our AI engine does the rest to get you intelligent insight.
No Data Hassles
We will take care data munging and use it to automatically generate the best neural network.
Automated Pipelines and Retraining
No data hassles to deal with - We automatically create your data pipelines and retrain your models.
No Explicit ML Engineering Required
Model your problem using a simple and intuitive UX. You won't need be perform ML engineering and cumbersome data wrangling.
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